New to Snow

I grew up in a humid, tropical, and swampy climate. If I travelled, it was always in summer and usually not too far (until recently, obviously).┬áIt wasn’t until the age of about 21 that I finally saw it. Snow. Now that I’m living in The Netherlands it’s slowly becoming a regular fact of life for me. Slowly. I get still excited when I wake up to slow snowfall in the morning. Crunchy, cold, and crisp – taking a walk on a fresh snowy day.

Florida is beautiful in its own ways, but it lacks seasons. The change of the leaves, the decent into a cold winter. After getting to experience a full cycle of seasons, I can truly say that I love it.

To be honest: I really don’t have much else to add to this topic. I’m just a Florida native who is excited about seeing snow. That’s all.